100! Plus, a Desk Makeover

I was about to hit the new post button, when I saw that this is my 100th post! To many bloggers, this is a drop in the bucket. For me, I'm excited that I've stuck it out this long and feel more motivated than ever to keep it going. I've been working like a mad-woman on DIY projects so I can post them regularly every week and here's the latest (and one of my favorites).

Remember my post about desk organization/craft corner? I decided to move my craft space to the spare bedroom to make way for a more functional work/writing space (plus, it began to feel a little cluttered and claustrophobic). Inspired by Centsational Girl's credenza project, I gave our pretty (ahem, outdated) desk a chic little makeover.

 Before: I did one later of white primer (no sanding necessary!).

 I painted the entire desk with three coats of semi-gloss paint (Martha Stewart Bone). Then, I taped off the pattern I wanted for the top of the desk and did two layers of another color (MS Dolphin).

 End Result: The best painter's tape advise is the lift the tape while the paint is still wet. I fixed any flubs with a fine-tipped brush. The final step was to coat the top of the desk with a layer of latex topcoat. 

  I also replaced the hardware with this glass knobs from Home Depot. They're the perfect vintage touch!
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