I named this blog Shades of Sunshine because...

I had been in search of a particular shade of yellow for our dining room and asked a sales guys at Benjamin Moore to find me, "...the perfect shade of sunshine yellow." Which made him guffaw and mumble, "Um, there are, like, a gazillion shades of yellow." His indifference led me to choose a mossy green color which I currently love and would never have found had I asked a friendlier sales associate for help.

My husband and I bought our first house just over a year ago, and I had been playing around with the idea of writing a blog. I primarily wanted to create a space to share home decor ideas and inspiration, DIY projects and to blather on about how cute my kid is. In trying to find a name, I discovered that A LOT OF PEOPLE HAVE BLOGS. Then, I remembered my fun Benjamin Moore experience and Shades of Sunshine was born.
Thanks for visiting and if you ever want to send me a note, please do! 

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