To the Beach!

We leave for the beach in just two days - YIPPEE!

Photo courtesy of Dubtastic.

Hope everyone is surviving the heat!


DIY Photo Frame

On a recent trip home from my parent's house, G and I stopped at this fun consignment store and found a beautiful - but empty - ivory frame. I knew the perfect place to hang it but I had no idea what to put inside. The same day, we made our usual weekend Home Depot stop and the rolls of chicken wire were calling my name. Some staples, clothespins and Instamatic photos later, I had this:

It's a work in progress...I'll add some of my favorite inspirational images, some dried flowers and a few other sentimental things. This is, literally, the first thing I see when I get out of bed - perfect!

Some of my inspiration came from the following:
All images found via Pinterest: 
fig. 2 from craftjr.com 
fig. 4 from blog.stylizimo.com
fig. 5 from diymaven.com
fig. 6  from stampington.com


Art for Sale

Need to de-stress? Look for cheap art on Etsy!!! It's downright ahhhh-mazing how many super talented artists sell entire portfolios on my FAVORITE SITE EVER. I start smiling as soon as I start scrolling - a little inspiration definitely helps me unclench my jaw and leave my cuticles alone. Here are some current favorite illustration series (which are all in the running for a large blank wall that is driving me crazy):

This lovely artist says (on his Etsy store description), 'My designs incorporate a mixture of childhood experiences, dreams, and daily inspiration from my two kids.' LOVE it. 

These just make me happy - what's not to like? I think framed (bamboo border, perhaps?) on a white bathroom wall would be superb.


 I'm a sucker for block prints, especially in two of my fave colors. These are lovely, simple and make me want to keep looking. 
 Artists shown: 
Circles and Squares by David B. Cuzick  
SeeChangeDesign by Amy TerKeurst


A Fresh Start

There is a very distinct possibility that this blog post will go out into cyberspace and just echo, echo, echo. I abruptly just stopped posting without a reason, so if anyone still cares (I won't blame if you if you don't), my self-imposed sabbatical/break/vacation is officially over.

A lot of things have changed over the past two or so months (ATTENTION: BLOG FACELIFT!!!) and a little time off was definitely called for. My work schedule has changed, P has started summer camp, we did a huge driveway project (by "we" I mean G and my father-in-law), our gardens are finally weed-free and in shape and I am slowly redesigning this here blog (ATTENTION: BLOG IS A WORK-IN-PROGRESS!!!).

We also (I can take credit for this project, I definitely helped in all the non-hardware/tool ways) built a new headboard - which I LOVE:

It's basically a large piece of plywood with decorative crown molding nailed around three edges. I lacquered burlap to the center (kisses to you Mod Podge!) and painted the entire base ivory (Martha Stewart, Bone Folder) and added a water-based polyurethane on top. We mounted on the wall using two 2x4's with interlocking 45 degree angles so it's nice and sturdy. I'd say we spent, hmm, about $100 on the headboard, total. I love how it looks - the burlap is an imperfect, rustic touch and works seamlessly with the classic crown molding.

In other news, a certain apple-of-my-eye is changing every day and becoming more and more of her own person. It's a joy to watch and be a part of - we're so proud of our little monkey!
 I HOPE some of you are still out there! Have a happy week!
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