A Fresh Start

There is a very distinct possibility that this blog post will go out into cyberspace and just echo, echo, echo. I abruptly just stopped posting without a reason, so if anyone still cares (I won't blame if you if you don't), my self-imposed sabbatical/break/vacation is officially over.

A lot of things have changed over the past two or so months (ATTENTION: BLOG FACELIFT!!!) and a little time off was definitely called for. My work schedule has changed, P has started summer camp, we did a huge driveway project (by "we" I mean G and my father-in-law), our gardens are finally weed-free and in shape and I am slowly redesigning this here blog (ATTENTION: BLOG IS A WORK-IN-PROGRESS!!!).

We also (I can take credit for this project, I definitely helped in all the non-hardware/tool ways) built a new headboard - which I LOVE:

It's basically a large piece of plywood with decorative crown molding nailed around three edges. I lacquered burlap to the center (kisses to you Mod Podge!) and painted the entire base ivory (Martha Stewart, Bone Folder) and added a water-based polyurethane on top. We mounted on the wall using two 2x4's with interlocking 45 degree angles so it's nice and sturdy. I'd say we spent, hmm, about $100 on the headboard, total. I love how it looks - the burlap is an imperfect, rustic touch and works seamlessly with the classic crown molding.

In other news, a certain apple-of-my-eye is changing every day and becoming more and more of her own person. It's a joy to watch and be a part of - we're so proud of our little monkey!
 I HOPE some of you are still out there! Have a happy week!


  1. Jess, that looks great. Did you ever think about placing your names or first initials on either side of the headboard to give it an extra custom touch?

  2. I care! Welcome back. The bedroom looks great, and I love the burlap!
    And, P is so wearing her mommy's expression in that first photo. Adorable.

  3. It looks great! What a beautiful headboard! Welcome back, please keep it up!!


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