Weekend, Schmeekend

Due to torrential downpours and hurricane-force winds, most of our weekend was spent indoors driving each other crazy. P successfully covered an ENNNN-TIRE wall with a crayon masterpiece (sounds cute and funny, but really wasn't), G combined all our iTunes accounts (this is, apparently, very difficult to do) and I started about ten projects and only finished two (lame ones, at that).

The first...well, I bought this cute shirt. I took it out to wear for the first time, stuck it under the iron and the material just melted. It actually disintegrated before my eyes (evidence pictured below).
Rather than tossing, I decided to find a cool applique to cover the hole. I mean, I haven't used an applique since Girl Scouts, but I was pretty sure fabric stores sell some pretty trendy ones. And, I was right! I actually like the shirt better now than before. However, it will be forever wrinkled since I won't be ironing this bad boy again. (Note: This was actually an iron-on applique. So, I used only the tip of a warm iron without steam.)
And, the second...our bathroom mirror in the master bath just does not fit. You know what I mean? It's a fine mirror, it works, it looks OK. But, it just doesn't have any charm - it would fit just as well in a chain hotel bathroom. Buying a new one isn't in the cards, so I added a little bling-da-bling.

It's nothing drastic, but it makes a huge difference - just makes it look less blah and more, I don't know, vintage-y, one-of-a-kind. If you've got a BORE-ing mirror in need of a jazzy makeover, make your way to the scrapbook aisle at a craft store, find the adhesive "crystals" and adhere to mirror with Elmer's glass glue (also found at craft store). I measured and marked where I wanted them beforehand with a permanent marker so they weren't positioned all honky-donkey. Only apply a teensy-weensy of glass glue to the back of the crystal - the smallest amount is enough to make it stick for the next decade (and you clean them and the entire mirror with glass cleaner, no problem).

Hope y'all made it through the storm without any damage and have a beautiful last-week-of-summer!


Wall Flower

Oh, how I love these hanging wall vases...

Images found via Old New Again (Etsy), Reading My Tea Leaves, That's Happy and Apartment Therapy
I made my own with a few vases from Michael's, thin jewelry wire and two hooped screws (what are those technically called?).

I think that's a fly on the wall - ha!


Craft Central

I suppose my husband, family members and close friends would use 'shop-a-holic' as one of the words to describe me. I shop to relax, I consider it to be a hobby (I really don't care how sad that seems) and I don't discriminate - online, catalogue, yard sale, sidewalk, big box, outlet - all kinds of shopping makes my heart go 'pitter-pat' and offers the possibility of finding a deal, inspiration or an unexpected gem.

One of my favorite shopping trips is to the craft store. However, a huge pet-peeve of mine is the lack of selection and trend-driven items at most chain craft stores. They always have a plethora of cheesy scrap booking accessories, but it's hard to find anything unique.

Enter the website, Save on Crafts. I discovered it when I was wedding planning and instantly fell in love. The selection is fantastic, as are the prices. If something is trendy or you want a vintage, rustic craft item, you're bound to find it here. I hadn't shopped there in a while, so it was a very pleasant surprise to find:

What I love most about Save on Crafts is that they offer everything a DIY-er could need, PLUS lots of insta-decor items (aren't the French-inspired pillow cushions to die for?). Happy shopping!


King for a Day

I've been searching for a fun accent chair for our recently redecorated bedroom. I narrowed it down to the following French/King VX-style choices...

 My true love (and fabric soul mate): Crate and Barrel, $899
LOVE the stud details: The Bella Cottage, $795

The frame had me at hello, but hate the fabric: Horchow, $1749

I hated to spend a lot of dough on something that I was convinced I could find elsewhere or re-do myself and then I discovered this lovely: 

A bargain at just $160, my new favorite piece of furniture was sitting all by her lonesome at a vintage co-op I stop in frequently. If you're ever in/around/kind of near Townsend, MA, make sure to stop by the Spaulding Cooperage - you won't regret it. The color, style and fabric all fit perfectly with the rest of the room AND it's comfy. I'm contemplating stenciling something on the seat...thoughts?


The Best Ever Target Collaboration

MISSONI! September 13th...over 400 items...clothes...luggage...housewares...this has to be the biggest designer/Target launch to date, right?

Check out Margherita Missoni modeling in the first ad to be released:
  Image via StyleCaster
Image via Vogue


Bye Bye Beach

We're back from a very relaxing and much needed vacation. It was great to hang out on the beach, spend time with friends, take naps, play games and just be together.
 Our amazing view from the kitchen and outdoor deck. 
 Pure heaven in the backyard.
 Our little beach babe.
 Fresh seafood - caught AND prepared by friends (thanks, guys!)
Happiness at the beach. 

So, it's back to normal. The difficult re-entry into real life has been softened by some shallow forms of entertainment: the return of Project Runway, the finale of The Bachelorette, the RHNY reunion shows and reading the second part of The Hunger Games (have you read it? If not, I HIGHLY recommend.). 

Have a wonderful week!
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