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I suppose my husband, family members and close friends would use 'shop-a-holic' as one of the words to describe me. I shop to relax, I consider it to be a hobby (I really don't care how sad that seems) and I don't discriminate - online, catalogue, yard sale, sidewalk, big box, outlet - all kinds of shopping makes my heart go 'pitter-pat' and offers the possibility of finding a deal, inspiration or an unexpected gem.

One of my favorite shopping trips is to the craft store. However, a huge pet-peeve of mine is the lack of selection and trend-driven items at most chain craft stores. They always have a plethora of cheesy scrap booking accessories, but it's hard to find anything unique.

Enter the website, Save on Crafts. I discovered it when I was wedding planning and instantly fell in love. The selection is fantastic, as are the prices. If something is trendy or you want a vintage, rustic craft item, you're bound to find it here. I hadn't shopped there in a while, so it was a very pleasant surprise to find:

What I love most about Save on Crafts is that they offer everything a DIY-er could need, PLUS lots of insta-decor items (aren't the French-inspired pillow cushions to die for?). Happy shopping!

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