"P" Is For "Pretty"

Attention all jewelry-lovers, ATTENTION!!! If you're looking for a unique something-something to spice up your neckline, COATT is it. I mean, what a freaking good idea - Morse coded beaded necklaces that spell out something special AND look adorable. A Cup of Jo is having a COATT giveaway for a few more hours, so head on over to her blog to sign up for a chance to win. Otherwise, they're all under $40, so treat yourself or the mom(s) in your life!



Just Like Mommy

This certainly isn't news...we're all sick again. People ALWAYS say you end up getting every cold and bug your kid gets, and now I am a believer. P had an ear infection and I'm delirious with a fever and stuffy head. I'm always in denial about getting sick until it's too late. In this case, I was adamant that it was just allergies - and then I almost passed out while driving home. It's officially spring, so when is cold/flu season over? I'm getting desperate - does anyone have any hints for staying healthy? I've tried just about everything, but I know some of you are homeopathic nerds, so help!!!

On a lighter note, P and I have been playing dress-up lately and it's hysterical. She is at the age now where she wants to do everything I do. If I'm cleaning, she gets a tissue and a plastic bottle from her "kitchen" and pretends to wipe down the floors. If I'm on my computer, she pulls her kid version out and pretends to click away. Last week, I was feeling fancy and actually got dressed in something other than yoga pants and a sweatshirt. As I was putting on my makeup and some jewelry, P wanted to join in. I sat her on the bed and pretended to put some makeup on her and then gave her a bunch of costume jewelry. She was beyond happy...

When we found out we were having a girl, I admit that I was a tad bit disappointed. I was afraid of all the hormones, drama and puberty issues that come with being a girl. What I didn't know is how wonderful raising a little girl can be - our little P is sweet, kind, smart, funny - everything we could have ever wished for in a child. Plus, I get to go back and relive my childhood, what could be better than that?


Pregnant in Heels

Bravo's latest reality series starts tonight and it's called 'Pregnant in Heels.' Maternity guru Rosie Pope gives an inside look at all the crazy expecting parents she encounters as part of her job as a high-profile baby planner in NYC. I'm usually addicted to anything on Bravo before it even airs - this one had me at 'crazy parents.'

I kind of want to be her...she's a former model/ballerina who studied Neuroscience at Columbia University and is now making boatloads of money doing one of the coolest jobs ever. 

Speaking of baby planners and the coolest job ever, I've been helping a friend with her amazing baby planning business. She's been gracious enough to share her work with me and it's been a dream come true! Check out Boston's premier baby planning service at Perfecting Expecting (cute name, eh?).  Send moms-to-be you know our way and we'll make sure they're ready for that overwhelming adorable bundle of joy.


The Birds and the Bees

I THINK April showers have begun - better than snow, right? We had our first thunderstorm of 2011 today and afterward P and I could hear birds singing and ran around the yard pointing at all the pretty green sprouts poking up through the dirt.

Speaking of birds, I'm a sucker for anything bird, bee, botanical themed, which is why I fell in line with Apple & Bee's bold line of bags and stationery:

Aren't they lovely? Perhaps a special someone needs a pick-me-up or maybe you just need a treat! Happy Monday!
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