Pregnant in Heels

Bravo's latest reality series starts tonight and it's called 'Pregnant in Heels.' Maternity guru Rosie Pope gives an inside look at all the crazy expecting parents she encounters as part of her job as a high-profile baby planner in NYC. I'm usually addicted to anything on Bravo before it even airs - this one had me at 'crazy parents.'

I kind of want to be her...she's a former model/ballerina who studied Neuroscience at Columbia University and is now making boatloads of money doing one of the coolest jobs ever. 

Speaking of baby planners and the coolest job ever, I've been helping a friend with her amazing baby planning business. She's been gracious enough to share her work with me and it's been a dream come true! Check out Boston's premier baby planning service at Perfecting Expecting (cute name, eh?).  Send moms-to-be you know our way and we'll make sure they're ready for that overwhelming adorable bundle of joy.

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