Art for Sale

Need to de-stress? Look for cheap art on Etsy!!! It's downright ahhhh-mazing how many super talented artists sell entire portfolios on my FAVORITE SITE EVER. I start smiling as soon as I start scrolling - a little inspiration definitely helps me unclench my jaw and leave my cuticles alone. Here are some current favorite illustration series (which are all in the running for a large blank wall that is driving me crazy):

This lovely artist says (on his Etsy store description), 'My designs incorporate a mixture of childhood experiences, dreams, and daily inspiration from my two kids.' LOVE it. 

These just make me happy - what's not to like? I think framed (bamboo border, perhaps?) on a white bathroom wall would be superb.


 I'm a sucker for block prints, especially in two of my fave colors. These are lovely, simple and make me want to keep looking. 
 Artists shown: 
Circles and Squares by David B. Cuzick  
SeeChangeDesign by Amy TerKeurst

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