Lamp Facelift

I really, really, really hope spring is around the corner...the snow has almost melted in our neck of the woods (even though we just saw a 30'' snow storm in Vermont!) and it was warm enough today that I didn't need a jacket to take out the garbage. Yippee!

Last week my mom and I worked on sprucing up our guest bathroom. The biggest challenge so far has been the light fixture above the mirror. We couldn't decide on a new one (that's what happens when you want something nice with a budget of $0), so I decided to work a little spray paint magic on the one we had.

I forgot to take a picture while it was still assembled and hanging on the wall, but you get the gist. Silver and gold hardware with frost, etched glass shades - not exactly our style.

I used Krylon spray paint in 'Almost White' and did about four coats to fully saturate the entire fixture.

Then, I sanded off all the drips and pools of paint.

I painted over the entire thing with a layer of acrylic gloss (found at all craft stores) and did one last sand (I like the effect of exposing some of the metallic underneath). I flipped the entire fixture upside down so the shades pointed at the floor and glued small chandelier lamp shades (I clipped the metal light bulb grip off) to the existing shade bases.

And, voila! A new chabby-chic lamp fixture for about $7!

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