Reality Check

Holy macaroni, now I understand why people retire to Florida! It was warm, sunny, green, lush...ahhhh. For the first few days we stayed at the Omphoy in Palm Beach - I was super excited because Michelle Bernstein has a restaurant there (Top Chef fans know what I'm talking about!) - and soaked up as much sun as we possibly could before heading to Daytona/Orlando for work stuff.

I came away from our trip renewed and excited for spring...but then I got off the plane and realized we probably have another eight weeks of winter left and I spent the day digging myself out of a snow-induced depression.

At least I took pictures...

 The beach and pier in the distance.

 The Omphoy pool where I got a really attractive burn regardless of how much SPF I reapplied every hour.

 The view from our room.

 Icky Man O' Wars that were littered all over the beach - gross!

 Beach-side falafal n' fries - I ordered this more than I'd like to admit.

 My dinner at Michelle Bernstein's restaurant. It was some kind of white fish with a hearty mushroom broth and gnocchi.
 G's dinner - steak, crushed potatoes and cheesy broccoli. 

Dessert. Sit down for this...chocolate-filled donuts (they were warm!) and crème brûlée pudding with fresh whipped cream and chocolate crispy things. SOOOO good.

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