Changing It Up

Let me preface this entry with this statement: I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my wedding band and never take it off. However. I watch the Rachel Zoe Project and have become slightly obsessed with the way Rach (we're on a first name basis) stacks a bunch of different style rings with her band and engagement ring (no example pictures to be found!). After a few days of searching, I finally found this and this at Banana Republic. They perfectly compliment the diamonds on my band and weren't too much of an investment that I'll feel obligated to wear them all the time. I'm also debating whether or not to buy the 'vintage goddess' collection from above.

Pretty Hippie, $95, Baroni
Glam Rocker,$165, Judith Jack (no longer available at Bloomingdale's)
Eclectic Artiste, $19.99, Target
City Chick, $95, Jill Golden
California Girl, $75, Gorjana
Vintage Goddess, $88, Ariella

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