Tummy Time

P is quickly learning all sorts of new 'tricks', the latest of which is figuring out all her body parts. She quickly nailed her head, feet and hands but took a while pinpointing exactly where her tummy was (and she still refuses to point to her own nose, but wipes it if you ask her to. I'm biased of course, but it's TOO CUTE!).

In an effort to warm all household tummies, I tried making a beef stew for the very first time. One of my least favorite tasks when cooking is chopping vegetables, so I was bummed about the FIVE POUNDS of chopped veggies that were required (slight exaggeration...slight) but the overall effect was quite tasty. I also smashed some potatoes (boil potatoes, then 'smash' not 'mash', with butter, sea salt, ground pepper, parsley and a teensy bit of cream) and warmed up some french bread for a yummy in our tummy meal.

Recipe found here. This takes a looooooooong time to cook, plan wisely!

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