Brings a Smile

A few things...

 These busts have been featured A LOT, but I finally saw them in person and we were suckered.

I can only liken this scarf shop to one thing. Remember when you had a dollar as a kid and were let loose in the penny candy section of the supermarket? My calendar swap mate mentioned this site on her blog and I've been a super fan ever since. Buy what you want fast, they run out of colors and sizes within minutes.

A few more: 
  • Spicy chicken burritos
  • On-Demand television
  • Weekend naps
  • Books that you can't stop thinking about after your done
  • The Town
  • Holiday cards
  • Dog paws that smell like Fritos (Seriously. Try it.)
  • Finding a long-lost mitten
  • Baby teeth

Happy Monday!!!

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