A Survival Guide

So. We're going on week four of 24/7 life at home with baby P, the big black dog and a never-ending list of errands (I never thought it was possible to spend an ENTIRE day grocery shopping. But it is. It REALLY is.).

I have talked about staying home with P since the day she was born and now - husband, if you're reading, I'm not saying forever - the wish has come true. I'm trying to enjoy every moment and I want to use this time to tackle some really huge projects. A few things help smooth over the rough days and make us all smile a little wider...

 Target, oh, Target. How is it that you made the most perfect jegging for only $25?!?!
 A good watch is essential to keeping our days on track. This one is adorable and comes with a bunch of different straps to mix-and-match.

 It's no secret. I love Keith Urban. I can't explain why - his music just makes me happy. I also love Oprah. It's pretty much the only time I turn on the tube during the day (other than the lovely videos mentioned below). Keith and Nicole were on the show Monday. HEAVEN!!!

 To be able to walk outside every day is a beautiful thing. We live in a place where conservation land is literally on every corner. Until the bitter cold sets in, we've been trying to walk at least 30 minutes a day.
 There comes a point during every day where both P and I need our alone time. These videos were recommended by a friend and work perfectly for some learning + quiet time. It also gives me at least a half hour to do laundry, prepare dinner or check email.

 Booger season is upon us and these miracle wipes work wonders. 

What would I do without Trader Joe's? It's affordable, offers a ton of organic options and our location has beer and wine (cue the choirs of angels singing).

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