For the Boys

I'm starting with the hardest gift guide first. I DREAD buying the guys in our family presents. It seems like they already have everything OR what they really want is, like, an insanely expensive flat-screen TV. I try to stay away from gifts that are: decorative, too hipster, a bright color or handmade (guys are real sticks-in-the-mud, eh?).

Actually, I don't think it really matters what presents are under the tree for our guys. As long as everyone is together, there's a fire going, a game is on at some point and there's a ton of homemade food/cookies/snacks, they're all happy. 

Ray-Bans - $179
iPad - from $499
Apple TV - $99
Composter - $129
Head lamp - $34
Husky folding knife - $7 (Home Depot)

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