Silver Bells & Dog Hair

I'm a bit late in doing my Monday post, but for a good reason. I know you're just DYING to know what I did all day...I vacuumed up about five pounds of black lab dog hair from every corner, crevice and crack (doesn't that sound like an absolutely LOVELY way to spend a Monday?!).

When you have a Labrador Retriever, there is nothing you can do (unless you live attached to a Dustbuster) to keep the hair at bay. Every day, I walk up the stairs and say 'Ugh, there is SO much dog hair on this carpet!' Or, I'll be changing a load of laundry and find myself saying (for the five hundredth time), 'Ew, that hairball is disgusting!' It's sticky and sneaky and shows up EVERYWHERE. So, today was the day that our trusty, heavy-duty Shop-Vac met its match. It was a dirty job, but at least now we'll be somewhat hair free for...well, a little while.

My intention wasn't to write such a gross post - I actually wanted to share some pictures of the holiday decorations we put up this weekend. I love this time of year and all the fun activities seem so much more festive with P around. We listened to Christmas music, set up the tree, decorated the mantel...ah, the holidays.

This is the first year I made my own wreath. It's not perfect, but I love all the different silver textures.

 I hung one of our Christmas cards over the mirror and used it as a starting point for picking our holiday colors.

 This centerpiece will probably change numerous times before Christmas. Fresh cedar smells SOOO good!

I'll be back tomorrow with some fun ideas for gifts for the kiddos. Have a great week!

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