Life in Slow Motion

Do you ever feel like you're moving through caramel, like life is moving in slow motion? I'm pretty sure I owe this feeling to A) a diet consisting of Mexican food, ice cream and coffee, B) less than ten minutes of sunshine every day, and C) less than six hours of sleep every night.

SO...it's time for some things to change! I've reluctantly decided to eliminate the Mexican food (I'm not CRAZY, everyone NEEDS ice cream and coffee), take a walk once a day (regardless of the weather) and go to bed earlier. Wow, writing that out makes it all look sooooo boring.

It's certainly not a revelation that during the doldrums of winter, we ALL can get a bit lazy. When there's almost two feet of snow on the ground and the temperature dips into the single digits, it's very easy to cuddle on the couch with something warm and cheesy (NOT a husband reference) and expend as little energy as possible. I am committed, however, to dig myself out this winter and make the most of hibernation. Tomorrow. I'll start changing tomorrow. Or, maybe Monday. After the weekend is best. Yeah, I'll start Monday. :)

In the meantime, I spent a few hours minutes trolling Etsy and found these yummies:

 Rough diamond on gold chain. EEK!

 Who doesn't need a little Pride & Prejudice?


  1. Good luck changing...on Monday!

  2. wait, what about our Rudy's date?? can't you make *one* exception for Mexican?? :)


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