A Little Bit of Everything

Without a set work schedule, I can't seem to fully complete anything. I start little bits of projects all day long but only end up with half-done laundry, a semi-finished bracelet and sloppy blog posts. Sigh.

Instead of writing about the pork tenderloin recipe I tried tonight (mostly because I forgot to take pictures of the results), I thought I'd share pictures of a lovely, meaningful and HANDMADE present P received from her Gigi and Grandpa. It's really too special for words (well, I'll tell you this much...it's a beautiful book of the alphabet made AND bound by hand out of tissue paper).


P seems to 'get' that it's special - she gently turns each page and carefully touches all the pictures to feel the texture of the paper. This will be one of those things she will have with her forever (along with Grandma's doll and Aunt J's rattle). Now I'm envisioning packing her up for college and putting these keepsakes in a box...then moving the box into her first apartment...her first home...giving them to her first child...YIKES! I'll never fall asleep if I start going down this road...goodnight!

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