I've spent the past few weeks working on several 'special projects' (top-secret stuff!) so a lot has fallen by the wayside, including this poor blog (this week I'm cracking the whip and will start redesigning the layout and logo - yippee!). I'm also going to tackle painting P's room and our guest bathroom (not so yippee)...does anyone have any tricks for painting edges neatly and quickly? Is that a totally ridiculous question?

At some point, I became obsessed with painting the bathroom a lighter shade of Tiffany blue...

Image c/o Cottage Living.

More inspiring bathrooms (somehow that seems like an oxymoron)...

 I love the idea of using a floor-length mirror against one wall. Image c/o Better Homes & Gardens.

 Maybe I could paint just the ceiling blue? Image c/o Junk Style (book).

 The small chandelier and distressed mirror over the tub are TOO perfect. Image c/o DecorPad.

 Great idea to put the claw-foot tub in front of the unused mantel, eh? Image c/o Luella Says.

 The turquoise light fixture and dark wood floors could really work in our space. Image c/o unknown.

The tiny dresser...mmm, sweet! Image c/o Vintage Simple.

1 comment:

  1. Light blue washrooms (aka bathrooms) are so refreshing. I say go for it. We started out with beige and used blue accents, but I wish we painted blue. Beige is so boring!

    I have no idea how to paint edges either, not a dumb question at all. If you figure that one out please do a post about it.

    looking forward to your new logo & layout :)


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