Vacuum Wars (Plus Golden Globes Faves)

I'm not shy when it comes to complaining about my struggles with dog hair. I love our dog, but I hate his hair. It's everywhere. No matter how much I clean, vacuum or keep him in one spot, it still shows up on every surface. I guess it never really bothered me until I had a baby who crawled - it's a total gross-out to lean in for a toddler kiss and see black hair poking out of her innocent rose-bud mouth.

So, desperate times call for desperate measures. I bit the bullet and ordered an iRobot Roomba Pet Series vacuum despite the hefty price tag.

Now. Close your eyes and picture the most beautiful thing you have ever seen...imagine a chorus of angels singing in the background...that is how I feel about my Roomba (we're currently tossing around names for our little saint). She is efficient. She is complaint-free. She cleans until she is completely spent. She recharges herself. Doesn't that sound wonderful!?!??! The only downside (and I hesitate to criticize such perfection) is that she is not self-cleaning. I find that this is a small price to pay for the ten hours a week I save from vacuuming.

I thought to fully illustrate my point, I should show some results. I will warn you that some of the images may be slightly nauseating.


Did you tune in to the Golden Globes? Overall, I have to say the fashion turn-out was kind of boring. I think everyone (aside from poor Helena Bonham-Carter) played it safe. I still managed to have my favorites...it was great to see so much color and clean, beautiful hair.

 Emma Stone in a peach Calvin Klein sheath. 

 Mila Kunis (did you hear Natalie Portman call her 'sweet-lips'???!!!) in Vera Wang.

 Anne Hathaway in a beaded (and back-baring) Armani Privé.

Kyra Sedgewick  in a frilly Emilio Pucci.

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