The Domino Effect

It's been a busy couple of days and I've neglected you - poor little blog! Our weekend was primarily spent wiping runny noses and taking huge doses of vitamin C. It's sounds ridiculous, but we're ALL sick again. I am blaming it on the fact that I bragged nonstop about how my infant was NEVER sick...and now it's payback.

Besides being sick, G and I were obsessed with finishing a few house projects. G spent all day Saturday laying a new back patio and Sunday was spent in a closet applying trim to a new stereo built-in. I basically set up camp in the dining room and ALMOST finished the revamp from top to bottom. I have a few things left to do, and then I'll post some pictures.

I finally relaxed a bit on Sunday night after the monkey went to bed and I found myself falling down the rabbit hole of blogs. Have you ever done that? You visit your favorite blog and click on something you like, which leads you to another click for something you like, which leads to another click...before you know it, two hours have passed and you're reading about an installation artist in Sweden who - never mind you get the picture.

I started out here and stumbled upon this lovely jewelry designer...

I love the simplicity of all her pieces - if you're a horoscope fan, check these out.
 Who had a really fantastic blog where she wrote about this...

The closet is perrrrrr-fection! Check out the fireplace filled with books!

And this...
I finally ended up here...

I wish I had thought of this name.
And then climbed up out of the rabbit hole and tucked myself into bed. Happy Tuesday!!!

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