In a Brooklyn State of Mind

Some of my dearest friends live SO very far away. It's awful. Talking on the phone? Who has time for THAT? Writing a letter? Say what?!? Oh, and then there's the, 'But, we'll visit ALL the time...'

Before you know it, years have passed and you have no idea that they've donated a kidney, sailed around the world or don't even live at the SAME ADDRESS YOU'VE BEEN SENDING HOLIDAY CARDS TO FOR FIVE YEARS.

Case in point - Cort and Isabelo in Brooklyn (Izzy is an interior designer/artist and Cort is an advertising/brand guru). We hardly ever see each other now that I'm back in New England and I had NO IDEA that their apartment looks like it was ripped from the pages of ELLE Decor. I begged for some pics so I could share their creativity with everyone. A few of their design ideas have inspired me to kick-start some projects around the house this weekend...anyone have a box full of old, antique keys for sale?!?!

The mirror is such an amazing way to make a smaller space look larger and more inviting.
Izzy cleverly displayed old keys on the left-hand wall of the entry. I'm SO gonna steal this idea.
How do they avoid kitchen clutter?!?! The minimalism in this room is offset by all the rich, warm lighting.
Who says you have to put books on a shelf?
Every room has just the right mix of white and neutral colors.
Hanging pictures is an art form...
I already showed the entry staircase, but who can resist these two? BONJOUR, Pepper and Franque!

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