RIP No Longer

Calling all Domino fans who have been living in a cave (as apparently I have been)!!! Brides.com has access to the Domino archives and is posting articles on their site regularly (since this summer). I spent hours last night going through some of my old favorites. Domino was to me, what power tools are to my husband. When I heard that it was being canceled, I sent letters to the editor, posted pleas with millions thousands of other fans and feverishly cataloged my collection and made sure they were sealed in a steel, water-proof safe (I kid - sort of).

Every once in a while when I'm lacking inspiration, I flip through an issue or two and feel instantly revived. One of the most recent articles to be published on Brides.com is from a mid-2009 piece on J.Crew's Creative Director - now President - Jenna Lyons.

Coventry Gray by Benjamin Moore - AH!
LOVE the reclaimed wood table and bare mantle with bird.
Feed sacks tacked to the headboard - HOW did she think of that???

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