Mergers and Acquisitions

With the help of some coupons, sales, gift certificates and merchandise credits, I've splurged on some fall goodies. G doesn't believe me when I say - EVERY SINGLE TIME - I got something on sale or that I had a coupon ready to go...but it's true! If you're a careful shopper, bargains are out there! A few of my trusty online tips (which may not be NEWS per say, but good reminders, nonetheless):
  • Bluefly offers 10% off your entire purchase once every few weeks. If you have an item in mind, check back often to take advantage of the extra $ off. They also restock frequently, so if something is sold out one day, it could be there again within hours.
  • I NEVER shop at Gap/Banana/Old Navy without a coupon. If you're a card member, you get those nifty cash-back coupons with your points. Sign up for a newsletter and you'll receive sales all the time. 
  • Google-ing 'J Crew coupons' (or whatever you're looking for) always leads to a plethora of savings sites where you're bound to find an online code for $ off.
  • I'm also a stickler for 'after the fact' sales. If I buy something for $49 on Monday and on Tuesday it's on sale for $39, I always take it back or call customer service. Most retailers are very good about crediting you. 
My recently acquired favorite things:

House Beautiful subscription; Macy's pumps; Target (yes, TARGET!) necklace; Gap sweatshirt; Beirn 'Caroline' bag (in mocha, not hot pink); Old Navy skinny jeans.

1 comment:

  1. love house beautiful! just ordered a subscription a few weeks ago. i heart ina!


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