The modular carpet company, Flor, has added several new patterned designs to their repertoire, and I AM IN LOVE!!!

Flor carpet squares cover your floors in an affordable (the pattern I like would be about $400 for 7x10) , sustainable (made with renewable and recycled content and and can be recycled when you're done) and utilitarian (the sturdy floor pieces are easy to clean and removing or adding tiles is easy) way. Plus, with these new designs, the overall effect can be absolutely stunning.

This zig-zag pattern comes in five gorgeous colors.
A classic design for almost any room - and it's only $12.99 per tile!
Martha adds some of her genius to a fun geometric pattern.
I'm really drawn to this - could be used in a modern or traditional setting.
P.S. I just discovered this site - an amazing source for daily design inspiration!

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