What a Stinker

This blog should be a place of inspiration, positive energy and good thoughts. But today it isn't. Some days are just stinkers, from start to finish. That's how I am going to classify this one. Instances of stinkiness:

1. Getting stuck behind a car going 25 MPH in a 45 MPH zone. FOR 10 MILES.
2. Spilling hot soup on your lap while sitting...on a conference call...that goes on for 45 minutes...with nothing to wipe it up.
3. Overdrawing your checking account.
4. Losing your driver's license (I eventually found it, but the HELL I went through looking for it - URGH!)

And here's the stinkiest one yet...

5. Witnessing your child picking your mother over you when she's sick (cue - heart breaking).

Ah. Anyway. IF I could carry a toddler and balance in these shoes (and didn't mind having people stare at me in CVS), this is what I'd wear while running errands tomorrow:

What a Stinker

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