Dining Room Distress

There are literally, like, TEN THOUSAND THINGS I want to do to decorate our new house. I spent a few weeks after we moved in making lists and pulling together inspiration boards but ultimately ended up feeling overwhelmed and stressed that I didn't have the time, energy or money to execute anything.
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So, I've decided to approach home ownership like I would a marathon. Slow, steady and pacing myself the entire way. I also want to live in the house for a while so I can get a better feel for how we use the space. For instance, there's no point in worrying about the kitchen when we'll probably just rip it out and start over in a year or so anyway (it's teeny-tiny and has NO prep space).

The first project that seems most manageable right now is giving the dining room a face lift - starting with the windows. They're beautiful and let in a ton of natural light, but the treatments are old, dingy and discolored (they are custom-made, expensive and came with the house). Here are some examples of what I want the room to feel like:
I love this palette and our hardwood floors are about the same color. I'm pretty sure I want the walls to be a butter yellow, however.
The color of the drapes and the height make the room feel bigger than it really is. Hanging an antique birdcage above the table is a fabulous idea.

This just seems like such a happy place to hang out. I'm not crazy about the whiteness of the walls, but I'm tempted to do yellow/blue curtain.


  1. Love this! Love the blog! Love getting to know my sister more!
    I vote for the second look with the bird cage, of course.

  2. I just realized I posted a comment about this is the pasta section. New to blogs ...hehe. Also LOVE the cage, it's so Jess.


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