Loco for Leopard

I admit, I'm a bit behind on the latest leopard trend. It's on every style blog, in every fashion magazine and you can buy just about anything with the signature animal print on it (as evidenced by the picture below - it's sad when my ten-month-old daughter wears a clothing trend before me).

You definitely shouldn't overdo an animal print - I think I'll invest in a few affordable pieces to scatter throughout my fall wardrobe. I especially love finding leopard print as a detail, like in the lining of a bag or coat.
Skirt - ASOS, $25
Pump - Nine West, $27
Top - Topshop, $55
Watch - LaMer, $96
Bag - Topshop, $70


  1. lOVE IT! I especially love when I can pull out pieces from previous seasons and stay on trend without spending a lot of $. I have Nine West shoes almost exactly like the ones you pulled here from fall 2006. Question, if I am going to splurge on one NEW leopard piece this fall what should that be?

  2. Thank you, loyal follower! :)
    I think it's safe to say that this trend will keep popping up through the years, so I think a cardigan would be a wise investment:



    I'm also IN LOVE with this coat and will be TOTALLY jealous if you buy it:



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