Weekly Etsy Finds

Sigh. This week has been tough - crazy commute, weird weather and we had such a great long weekend that it was hard to get back into the swing of things. Enter the bright spot of my week, trolling Etsy to find new lovely things to share with you.

Just because: It's superficial, but buying things makes me happy and I'm not afraid to admit it. Especially when they are adorable AND handmade. This fold-up, cloth campfire is precious AND perfect for playtime; I'm a sucker for paper goods and these note cards fit the bill; our house is an antique, so geometric, colorful prints can really make an old room pop; trees make me happy and this print would look great on a white wall.

For R&R: I've been having a hard time falling asleep lately. Just as I'm about to drift off to la-la land, I hear a phantom baby crying. I check the monitor, and P is just snoozing away. A lot of moms complain about this. It's normal, right? Until this phase passes, a few good smelling candles, an eye mask, a warm neck pillow and yummy bath salts should help knock me out.

For busy moms: I'm coming to terms with the fact that I really don't need to carry a handbag anymore since our diaper bag is big enough to fit mommy AND baby stuff in. The thought has me verging on tears. As a compromise, I thought a cute wristlet for easy access to cash, cards and keys would lessen my depression. As you can see, I'm prone to florals (here, here and here), so I threw in a simple leather version to mix things up.


  1. for sleep, try bach's rescue remedy spray. you can get it at whole foods in the vitamins/herbal section. it helps me relax if i'm having a tough time falling asleep. also, try sprinkling lavender oil on your pillow--apparently it helps with sleep as well. you can get that at whole foods, too. i know how much you love that store, so just another good excuse to go there! :)

  2. I also love lavender oil. Just don't make the same mistake I did...if you use it in your car diffuser it WILL make you sleepy there :)

  3. Thank you ladies. I'll give it a try!


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