Some photos of my sister's wedding have been posted online (my beautiful, talented sister-in-law was the photographer - check out her work here). As I mentioned before, the day was just breathtakingly perfect. Looking at these pictures makes me feel all warm and gooey inside. How happy are these newlyweds?!?!?
Tim wore a smokin'-hot linen shirt and khakis and Jill found a perfect linen sundress with gold stitching from Anthropologie (it's no longer available). 

We found these blue plastic sunglasses for her 'something blue.' Gold sandals, an antique butterfly locket, gold studs and a flower in her hair completed the look.
Seating cards were made out of packets of basil seeds (which were arranged in an old wooden box). Programs doubled as fans and had fun, personalized Mad Libs on the back. 

In between the ceremony and reception, the bride and groom set up games and a 'photo booth' where the photographer took candid shots of all the friends and family. 
How freaking adorable are these pictures?

Consummate environmentalists, the bride and groom made sure all of the dinnerware was compostable. My sister created centerpieces out of old mason jars filled with juniper berries. Which they picked. By hand. For days. Can you imagine???

During the reception, Jill and Tim had four people read personal speeches that addressed the topics of family, community, love and friendship. It was beautiful.

Dessert! Yummy cupcakes were made - FROM SCRATCH! - by Jill's friend, Katie. They were displayed on pedestals made from tree trunks. SO creative, I can't stand it. 

Everyone ended the night by dancing in the moonlight and toasting the happy couple.

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