Down and Out

Not to sound like a Debbie Downer or anything, but this is the WORST COLD OF MY LIFE!!! It's going on almost two weeks of clogged ears, stuffy nose, hacking up a lung - I'll spare you the details. After a week at home with a sick kid, whiny dog and a mountain of Kleenex, I'm back to the daily grind. To make my first day in the land of the living more tolerable, I put on my latest go-to outfit. It looks mostly like this:

Fall Uniform

Except...I got my skinny cargoes and a gray dolman sweatshirt at TJ Maxx, my scarf is a similar print but comes from a small boutique in Toronto and my watch is from Target. It's simple, comfy and looks somewhat chic without trying too hard.

1 comment:

  1. So, I saw this scarf on your blog a few weeks ago and it just got stuck in my craw. (I say "stuck in my craw "because I'm an 80 yr. old woman from Arkansas, apparently) And I kept thinking about how cute it was and finally I decided that I would come back to the blog, find out where to get it, and it would be a done deal. Even if it was $100 scarf, I did. not. care. As it turns out, it's a $400 scarf. I blame you for my crushed dreams of pairing this with skinny jeans and a v neck white tee. I'll forgive, but it might take some time- because that would have been seriously cute. :)


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