Home Sweet Home

We're still in the process of unpacking...STILL! I emptied a bunch of boxes this past weekend and rediscovered things I had forgotten about and was subsequently inspired to do the following:
I stuck a yellow mum in a beautiful new wooden salad bowl (courtesy of lovely Miss Lee) flanked with my favorite birch branch metal candlesticks.

We bought and were gifted a ton of old bottles. I tried lining them up across our mantel with some vintage travel posters and my recently purchased - AWESOME - TJ Maxx cushioned bench ($60!!!).

I filled a glass bowl with dried botanicals, a white candle and porcelain letter balls that I found at Michael's - for a dollar a piece!!!


  1. Hi Jessica! It's Sarah (Lee's Friend). I love what you are doing to your house! I esp. love than bench from TJ Maxx...awesome! I want to find one like it. Looks like you are having fun with the decorating!

  2. Hey Sarah! Thanks!

    You have so many members!! How'd you do it?

    Love your blog and I can totally relate. I'm going to follow you now that I know what it is!


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